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Nayamat Ullar



Welcome to KS Language Academy. KS Language Academy's one on one classes for all foreigners who need to study Japanese have received a lot of positive comments from the learners. Please take advantage of our service to improve your Japanese language skills with our highly experienced teachers. We will do our best to help you to become proficient in the Japanese language. Any questions or consulting are always welcome.

​English, Japanese, Bengali are available.



I came to Japan from Bangladesh back in 2003 as a student. I’m in charge of the IT, customer service, Japanese class, Bengali class and Quran class at Kokusho Japanese Language school (KS language Academy). I’m also a dad of three children.

Nara Ayako


I sincerely hope you enjoy your classes with us that your Japanese language skills improve immensely and your life and work experiences become happier and more satisfying as a result.

If you have any problems using our service, please send us a message anytime. We will resolve them as soon as possible.

Japanese, English, Chinese are available



I have been teaching Japanese since 2008. I work for Kokusho Japanese Language School (KS Language Academy) because I really enjoy helping and supporting foreign students. I like studying foreign languages and Taichi.

IF you are experiencing any difficulties contacting teachers or getting a response from them, please send a message to customer service and we will respond to you within 24hours in the following languages; Japanese, English, Bengali and Chinese.

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